A Head to Toe Prayer For My Husband


Help his conscience to be convicted of sin and nudged towards repentance when he falls short.

His eyes to be turned from worthless things and open to blind spots in our Christian walks.

His lips to speak words of kindness.

His ears to be in tune with what is helpful and able to tune out what is harmful.

His heart to be guarded from discouragement, to be filled with Christ like love for me and for others.

His shoulders: that he would give all his burdens to You and fully trust in You with the ones that are too heavy to carry. Because Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light. (Matt 25:21)

His hands: to always reach for ways to serve others, bless the work of his hands and help him to prosper in all that he does, as He does it all for You. (Col 3:23)

His knees to bend in service and worship to You alone. (Psalm 95:6,

His feet to run from and resist sexual temptation in a sex saturated culture.

His example to inspire others and call them to live in light of eternity. 🤍

In Jesus name,


Comment: What is a prayer you pray for your husband?

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