An Open Letter to The Woman Burying Her Wounds:

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Hurt people will hurt people...

Because we repeat what we don’t repair.

This is how pain patterns get passed down generation to generation.

The best thing I ever did, was choose to break the chain and pursue healing.

I quit putting bandaids over my wounds and allowed True light to shine in.

Choosing to heal leads to freedom.

It turns your pain into purpose.

And changes your mess into a message.

A key component in my healing was choosing to obey the gospel and allowing Christ to get to work on my dark, hidden, stagnant places.

His Word has been the best balm from my broken past and weary soul, and His Spirit has been the catalyst for transformation.

Choosing to heal is a messy, life long process, but He meets us along the journey.

He is able to bring peace to your past

purpose to your present,

And hope for your future, but you have to take the step!

And once you do, you’ll stop bleeding on people who didn’t cut you and you’ll light the path for others.

You’ll choose to meet anger with sympathy, contempt with compassion, cruelty with kindness and begin greeting grimaces with a smile because you’ll know rudeness tends to stem from an unhealed place. You know this because you too we’re once unhealed.

A woman on a path towards healing, with Christ as the catalyst, glows differently because her source of light never grows dim. Take the step, stop burying those wounds, and let His light shine. The world needs it🤍

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