Focus on Your Own Envelope

I was listening to a podcast (The Living Easy Podcast) the other day and the woman was discussing one of the best pieces of advice she has received and it was this:

“Focus on your own envelope.”

She said, “imagine yourself walking down the street and someone comes up to you, and says,

“I felt led to give this to you.”

You open it up and there’s $20 in it.

You’re thinking “wow, this is awesome,” and you are feeling good about your day.

Later that day, You and your friend decide to go on a walk and that same person walks up to you guys and says, “I felt led to give this to you.” And hands her an envelope. You’re expecting her to get the same $20 but she opens it and there’s $500 in it!

The question is, would you still be happy about your $20 or would you be discouraged that she received more than you?

If most of us are honest, we’d probably be somewhat bothered.

However, it is so important to change that mindset by filling out minds with gratitude by focusing on our own envelopes.

Focusing on someone else’s envelope leads to jealously, discouragement, inaction, and often even competition among sisters in Christ.

But focusing on your own envelope, trusting and knowing that there is enough of Gods provision to go around for everyone, changes everything.

Remember: Her blessing does not take away from yours. Her talents, do not take away from yours.

In 2021 I want to live with an abundant mindset, knowing God fills each of our envelopes with enough tools to use in His kingdom and enough mercy to survive each day.

I am keeping an eye on my own envelope, living a life of gratitude and striving to multiply what’s inside to bring Him glory.

I want to invite you to do the same. 💜

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