Genesis 1 - Praying Through the Bible


· It took you 6 days to create a world that has baffled the imagination of men for thousands of years.

· Everything that we've pursued, longed after, and tried to bring under our power, you made in less than a week.

· And even now, in the 21st century, we can hardly get people off of our own tiny rock to touch the vastness of space, where the celestial music of a billion worlds sing Your praises.

· Don't let us become arrogant

· Don't let us think too much of our tiny accomplishments

· Don't let us lift ourselves up in rebellion

· How foolish that would be in light of the universe that surrounds us that sits in the palm of Your hand.

· Help us to realize and appreciate how small we are but how loved we are.

· And even though we are not much more in size than dust particles floating through massive space, we are worth more to you than all other terrestrial and celestial bodies.

· They will be burned up but you've made a way for us to escape the fire and live on with You for eternity.

· Thank you for the steady sun

· It is good to know that it will be there to take away the darkness at the dawn because we need new mercies every morning

· Thank you for the dry land

· Where we can be sure-footed and secure

· Thank you for the sea

· Where we are reminded that we are not as in-control as we think.

· Thank you for the plants

· They are born from tiny seeds and grow into beautiful bodies

· They are born in the spring, mature in the summer, decay in the fall, and die in winter

· But they are always reborn.

· Help us to make the most of our seasons

· But when our winter comes…

· Lift us up to eternal spring in a glorious new body!

· Thank you for the animals

· Who give us food

· Help us in our work

· Bear our burdens

· Become our friends

And are under Your control in order that all things can work together for good to those who love You.

· On day 6, You created mankind

· You made them in your image

· Don't let us treat them any less

· If we don't love other people enough… help us to love more

· If we don't care enough about other's souls… help us to care more

· Give us a desire to help other people see the beautiful God that made the world we walk in.

· Make inroads for us to people's hearts to help them to take their eyes of the creature and set them on the creator.

· Don't let us live with a tiny perspective

· Make our souls thirsty for satisfaction beyond this world.

· Tune our hearts to find pleasure in our Creator

· And when our days in the creation are over, give us rest on the final day.

In the powerful name of Jesus

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