How to Study the Bible with Your Husband

I often receive this message in my inbox or “what devotional book should I study with my husband?”

So thought I would post some helpful tips in regards to this question!

  1. The devotional book I recommend: The Bible!📖Here is an example of what we do:1. Always pray before

  2. Pick a book of the Bible and take turns reading it out loud: we usually focus on one chapter at a time.

  3. Ask the text questions together: Here are some examples of questions from the list Luke and I use:

- Who is the author? - Who are the readers/listeners?

- What is the purpose for writing? - What is the context?

- What good qualities can we find here?

- What bad qualities can we find here?

- Through whom is satan working?

- What is satan's ultimate plan?

- What is God's ultimate plan?

- What tools is satan using? (strong people, weak people, political figures, cultural pressures, family, etc)

- What tools/people is God using?

- Who wins the battle? Who wins the war?

- What virtues are portrayed here?

- What vices are portrayed here?

- What other stories are portrayed here?

- What other stories portray these virtues?

- How does this play into God's eternal plan for redemption?

- Is this a microcosm of redemption?

- What tricks is satan using to deceive?

- What methods does God use to bring people to the light?

- Would people accuse God of not caring or being absent from pain?

- Does this pain refine anyone for God's use?

- Where are we geographically?

- Who is in political control?

- Is this the set up for a bigger plan?

- What sacrifices did this person make?

- Who is this persons friends? Does this affect them?

- What are the implications of God's common? - Where is it on the Bible time line? - What tools is God or Satan using? - What are the roots? Meaning, how does this impact the entire message in the Bible? - What other Bible verses relate to this text?

- How does this affect lust?

- How does this affect pride/humility?

- How does this affect greed?

- How does this affect obedience?

- How does this affect your relationship with others? - How should this impact my Christianity?

Likely you and your husband will glean different fruits from the text when you approach it this way! Note: there will not always be answers to each of these questions. These are just tools to use to get you thinking deeper!

Don’t give up if it’s hard at first. God shows up in His word when you continue to! I hope this is helpful. Let us know if you found this helpful comment section and share with someone you think may benefit <3