Morning Reminder: Talk to God First

Mornings are basically the most influential time of our day, and how we set the tone for our days to go.

Yet many of us start our mornings in a rush, pressing the snooze button and waking up late.

Or by reaching for our phones and going straight for social media.

It is no wonder we begin our days rushed, drained, stressed, discouraged, or unmotivated.

Starting your morning off with prayer and scripture can be a transforming practice.

However, developing this habit can feel daunting.

Here’s a tip I have learned when it comes to establishing new habits: attach a reward to the habit.

What this looks like for me: I wake up, turn on my diffuser with a mixture of lemongrass and rosemary essential oil, (sometimes ylang ylang and peppermint). I make myself a warm cup of smart coffee, and head to my favorite spot on my couch with a comfy blanket and my Bible.

This creates an incredibly inviting environment and feels like a reward, so I look forward to doing it each morning.

If the story you are telling yourself is that you “have” to do something, instead of you just you “get” to, you may be setting yourself up for failure. Your mind set may actually be paralyzing you from committing to a new habit.

When a reward and a new mindset is a attached to a new habit, it makes it so much easier to stick to.

I am curious:

What does your morning ritual look like?

Do you attach rewards to your small habits? If so, what’s that look like for you?

What do you struggle most when it comes to putting God first in the mornings?

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