Practice the Pause

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

True confession: I am horrible at “pausing.”

This picture makes me smile because it is a pretty accurate representation of Luke and I.

You see, there are two types of people in this world. Maybe I can explain it by describing two types of swimmers:

1. Someone who dips their toes in the water to check out the temperature before jumping in.

2. Someone who runs and cannon balls into the water.

Luke is a # 1. He is a toe dipper... a thinker, a “let’s slow down and pray and think about this for a few days.” Someone who is great at pausing.

And Me? I am totally #2🙈

I am a jumper. When I see something exciting, I am ready to jump in and get swimming. When I experience a hard season, I am ready to jump into the next one. I am a jumper.

This may include even jumping to conclusions (I know, I am working on it). Jumping on a plane to a new country I can’t point out on a map... Jumping into writing a new book or starting a business. If it excites me and I see a potential to create or explore or be challenged, I jump.

Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful we are different because he balances me out. He pulls me back in sometimes when I need it, and reminds me to remember to pause and think. And often after, he encourages me to jump even when I am terrified.

I wanted to share these differences with you today because I learned a lesson from my sweet husband and his “pausing self” today.

I realized it as we were hiking a new trail.

You see, he likes to look at each plant and flower. He likes to pick up strange insects and inspect each creature in site. He likes to pause and soak in the scenery.

Me while hiking? I’m ready to get to the next destination, I am tired of pausing and looking at strange things, and often I am just go go go, on to the next place.

But what I am learning is that there is SO much beauty and power in the pause.

Pausing to soak up the scenery. Pausing to take things in. Pausing to really look at God’s creation and be blown away at how incredible our Maker is. Sometimes I can rush on to the next thing without fully being present where I am.

So if you are like me, and maybe even in a season you want to rush through, I just wanted to remind you today of the Power of Pausing.

And I wanted to encourage you to:

Pause to breathe, relax your shoulders, and say a prayer for the times we are living through.

Pause to ask in prayer for a teachable heart even when you don’t feel like learning from our current situation.

Pause to memorize a small piece of scripture: John 16:33 comes to mind for this one.

Pause and offer a prayer of thanksgiving for any blessings you have today.

Pause and put your phone down and soak up time with the person in front of you.

Pause and notice a friend who may be struggling and take time to offer a listening ear.

Pause and send someone an encouraging message.

Just pause. Be present. See what you can Learn and look for opportunity to grow.

Times are hard friends, I hope this encourages you to take time to pause. 🖤

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