What Would Jesus Do?

The best way to know what Jesus would do lies in the knowledge of knowing what He did.

This is done in quiet time with an open mind, an open heart, and an open Bible.

This is done through prayer and reaching back—back to the rich text of scripture, that shows us what He did, how He loved, and how He lived.

His character and example is constantly revealed through the living, breathing, Word of God.

We can sit at His feet and be exhorted during the sermon at the Mount in Matthew 5.

We can learn His thoughts on forgiveness in Matthew 18:21-22.

We can learn of His compassion as He healed the leper in Matthew 8.

We can learn how to persevere as we watch as He continuously served and lived out His calling despite His family doubting Him in Mark 3:21.

We can learn how to handle false accusations or betrayal by reading of His constant encounters and actions with the Pharisees.

And we can learn how to fully rely on God as we read each instance where He stole away to be in quiet time and prayer with the Father all throughout the gospels.

If you are finding yourself wondering, “What would Jesus do?” Here is a call to immerse yourself in knowledge of what He did in the living Word of God.

It is there that His character and actions are best revealed. It is there we can equip ourselves with knowledge to imitate Him 🤍

I would love to hear from you: What character traits of Jesus do you find hardest to follow?

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