This is a digital download study guide.  I personally love digital downloads, I work through them on my iPad with an Apple Pencil so I don’t have to carry around colored pencils and paper.


I do have ladies who print them out and put them in a work book too for those who love hard copy!


This study guide is broken down into three different types of questions:


Contextual Questions: these questions are simply questions through the text to help you pause and think about what you are reading and absorb the facts!


Reflection Questions: These questions help you reflect on your spiritual life in light of what you read.


Application Questions: I recommend answering these last after you have a full grasp on what you have read. These help you apply what you have read.


You will also notice a few Journal Prompts: These were created to encourage you to pause and soak up the knowledge you learn and determine how you will live in light of it!


To begin the study each week, I highly recommend to start by reading each chapter and outlining it. I included a space for outlining. Outlining is so helpful when it comes to obtaining a birds eye knowledge of the text. In addition, try circling the characters introduced in each chapter. This helps you wrap your mind around who is involved and what is happening in the text. Finish by summarizing the chapter. You might find it easier to do the summary after you have finished your comprehension/contextual questions!


I pray you find this tool helpful.


P.S We will be working through this book together in our online group Refined. Join us on Facebook for extra accountability and helpful resources!

Mark Study Guide