This work book was created to be a helpful tool while meditating and praying through Psalm 119. There are 176 verses in this Psalm which are divided into 22 stanzas, one for each of the 22 characters that make up the Hebrew alphabet.


In the Hebrew text, each of the eight verses of each stanza begins with the same Hebrew letter. Throughout this workbook you will see that each week is titled according to the Hebrew stanza it is broken down into. For example, week one is Aleph.


This workbook is also broken down into three sections: Focus verses, Reflection, and Prayer. These are blank pages for you to use while reflecting on the text. In addition, there is a color coding page and question page to help deepen your reflection. On page three you will find an example of how I used this tool. I pray this tool is helpful.

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Psalm 119 Workbook

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